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One Video Multiple Platforms!

There are so many options for digital video advertising in today's marketplace that it's hard to determine where to best run your client's ad. We identified this issue and have developed a solution which takes away all of the guesswork. Our expert analysts will build campaigns for your client's ad via YouTube, Pre-Roll, and OTT. We will then let the data decide where the best bang for the buck is and maximize delivery!

Our team has the ability to utilize four platforms to drive the KPIs your client’s care about. No retro-fitting squares into round holes here! We will run your client's ad on as many devices/platforms/placements as possible and let data tell us how to best manage your campaign!

Conduit Digital Analysts are certified in multiple Video Ad platforms and have run 100’s of millions of Video impressions. Our team has run campaigns for nearly every industry imaginable and our experience, paired with the massive amount of data these campaigns will generate, will set your client's campaigns up for success from day one!

Conduit ott advertising team

Hand Crafted Whitelists

Do you have 600+ hours to vet thousands of domains by hand? Thanks to our programmatic video marketing team, you don’t need to! Our video advertising analysts have done the legwork so that you can reap the rewards! With over 13,000 domains painstakingly, manually analyzed on an ongoing basis over the course of several years, we’ve narrowed this down to the domains we've deemed suitable for serving your client's Video Ads!

Benefits Of Each Video Platform?

Your campaign will run on 3 distinct platforms, covering all possible screen sizes, in as many placements as possible. This diverse approach will maximize reach and allow data to determine the best direction for your client's campaign!

The world's second largest search engine. YouTube advertising only accrues an expense when a complete view (or 30 seconds) of an ad has taken place. This is a great platform to deliver your client's ad and maximize reach!

All the targeting capabilities you could want! Pre-Roll advertising delivers ads to hundreds of thousands of sites across the internet and are able to be as hyper-targeted as programmatic display ads!

Harness the power of the big screen! OTT is the fastest growing digital marketing service at Conduit Digital and the performance has been outstanding. Targeting capabilities are increasing every day for OTT and this is quickly becoming "Hyper-Targeted Television"!

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Programmatic Video Snapshot


Retarget users who have visited your website to increase likelihood of conversions

Target specific audience types based on emails they receive (event, product, travel, etc.) as purchase confirmations

Retarget people who receive emails from specific website due to subscription or newsletter sign-up

Target customers who have (or have not) been near one or more specified locations, a given number of times, within a period of time

Target users who search for relevant keywords or phrases

Reach your target audience through specific demographics and/or interest targeting

Helpful Tidbits

It is best practice to target a unified audience among all platforms, while also still using the platform's unique capabilities. The more descriptive the audience you provide us is, the better we will be able to execute this for you!

High resolution .mp4 files lasting 6, 15, 30, or 60 seconds are your best bet. We recommend providing at least a 15 and 30 second video, however, the more creative sizes we have the more data we have to optimize performance!

COPPA Compliance: Cannot target children under the age of 13.

HIPAA Compliance: Cannot target users with medically sensitive conditions (i.e. cancers, drug addictions, etc.)

Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Zero tolerance policy regarding this.


You can certainly do this, however, it is not recommended. Conduit Digital is offering a unique value proposition in this package by truly maximizing reach and letting data tell the story! Reducing this to one platform may limit these capabilities.

Great question! OTT is the hottest product in digital marketing right now so we have provided multiple ways to price/sell this product to maximize your ability to sell this as much as possible!

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