The average user spends 3 hours per day on social media networks. So why use our team to reach them? One word. Scope. Our team is no stranger to business, big or small. We’ve covered the spectrum when it comes to white label social media management.


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Everyone has access to run ads on most social platforms, so why use Conduit? We’re more than just a time-saver, our team has the deepest level of certifications in most social platforms and we have experience working in over 100 different industries. If it can be marketed, our social team has marketed it!

Like taking the SATs all over again…but even harder. Facebook Blueprint Certifications are the only certifications globally recognized by Facebook for advanced-level proficiency in the skills needed to advertise on their platform. The certifications are the highest achievements you can earn in the eyes of Facebook due to the amount of commitment and education it takes to learn a particular set of skills.

The education required for passing this certification is the most comprehensive guide to effectively advertise on the platform, and the certification demonstrates the mastery it takes. With millions of advertisers in the ever-changing ad space, our Facebook Blueprint certified specialists set us apart from the competition.

Conduit Digital is prepared for take-off! A Twitter Flight School Certification enriches your knowledge of the platform while providing a strong foundation needed to master advertising on the platform and integrate Twitter into your overall Social strategy. All of our Paid Social Analysts are certified in Twitter Flight School to ensure your clients’ social media advertising campaigns soar!

Everybody loves social! Paid social media campaigns are often sold as part of the solution, rather than a stand-alone product. Due to this, our social analysts have experience working at a high level with every product in our suite of services. If you have a high-level client, adding social media advertising to the mix is a great way to spark performance!

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You Choose The Goals. We'll Choose The Platforms!

Choosing which platform to run a social advertising campaign on can be a challenge. At Conduit Digital, our social media marketing team will take care of the work for you! Based on a combination of the client’s goals and the individual strengths and audiences on each social media platform, we will determine where to run your client’s campaigns to deliver the best results.

Why Sell Social?

Social Media advertising has quickly become one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience and with so much data available on these platforms, the targeting capabilities are more robust than ever. At their core, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can reach users based on specific demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Through the use of custom audiences, social media marketing also offers the ability to reach users who have already interacted online or offline with your client’s brand through the use of remarking website traffic, CRM data, and more! Through our unique combination of targeting capabilities, white label social media advertising is a one-stop-shop for reaching both new and returning users that are likely to convert. Wanna learn more about what each platform is best for? Have a look below.

The Industry Standards. With close to 4 billion monthly active users combined, Facebook and Instagram are the powerhouse of all Social Media platforms. These platforms excel at helping businesses reach their ideal customers where they are spending their most time.

Let's Get Down To Business. LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented Social network with over 303 million monthly active users! Advertising on LinkedIn can help businesses reach a large and engaged professional audience with a heavy focus on company, job title, and industry. LinkedIn is a Social Media network designed for B2B marketing and lead generation.

Let's Keep It Short & Sweet. With over 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, this platform is designed for engagement and quick responses! Businesses have the opportunity to reach a large audience and receive instant feedback from their potential customers.

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Social Advertising Snapshot


Reach your target audience through specific demographics and/or interest targeting.

Reach your target audience based on their online behaviors.

Use first party data to target people who’ve already interacted with your business on or off Facebook and Instagram.

Leverage lookalike audiences to reach new people similar to your existing customer.

Leverage customer data to target your specific prospect across social platforms.

Serve your target audience with lead ads directly on Facebook, Instagram, & Linkedin.

Helpful Tidbits

Because of the unique targeting capabilities used across a variety of platforms, virtually every business can benefit from a social media marketing agency. Paid Social can increase brand awareness and reach, increase website traffic and conversions, generate leads, and much more!

The places where your ads can be seen across the different social platforms, like the News Feed or Stories are called Placements. The more placements your ads run in, the more opportunities you’ll have to reach your target audience on social.

Video: short, vertically shot videos that tell a story using graphics, text, or captions are best for grabbing a user’s attention.

Display: leave the text out of your static images and don’t forget to incorporate multiple images to be used in a carousel ad to entice users to scroll through.

Each social platform is different. Check out the ad policies by platform so you know what to expect:

Facebook & Instagram




With multiple platforms to choose from, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, each platform has unique capabilities and benefits to reach your target audience . Some platforms may be a better fit than others. Leave it to our social experts to choose the right platforms for your social media campaign!

It’s simple! We will request access to your existing business accounts based on the social platforms selected. Don’t have an account on a certain platform yet? No problem. Create a business account for us to access or we can create one for you.

Your Paid Social campaign can be measured by a variety of metrics based on your business goals and objectives. For instance, if you are looking to generate leads, your campaign can be measured by the number of leads generated on your website or collected directly on the platform from the ads.

Each platform has different creative options to best suit each type of campaign and platform:

Facebook & Instagram: Single static image, video, carousel of images and/or videos, slideshow.

Twitter: single static image, GIFS, videos.

LinkedIn: single static Image, carousel of images, video

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