Drive bottom-of-the-funnel conversions like never before with a white label pay per click advertising campaign run by Conduit Digital’s expertly certified analysts!


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Google Premier Partners

Conduit Digital is a Google Premier Partner! That puts us in the top tier of Pay Per Click agencies in the whole US. At Conduit Digital, we don’t take our partnership lightly; we work directly with Google on our campaigns to ensure your clients’ campaigns are running at an optimal level.

We never have any interns managing your campaigns! All of Conduit Digital’s SEM analysts are certified in both the Google and Microsoft advertising platforms, thus ensuring that only experts will be managing your client’s digital spend.

Last year Conduit Digital drove a conversion every 45 seconds! We are conversion specialists and we live and breathe to drive conversions for your clients. In 2019, we drove over 700,000 conversions for our clients. In 2020, we are taking everything we’ve learned from our previous ppc management services to drive even more!

We treat every dollar as if it were our own! We don’t take the responsibility of managing your client’s advertising spend lightly and we will never set and forget your client’s campaigns. It’s not uncommon for us to see 3 am internal slack messages regarding our client’s campaigns… it’s just who we are!

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Land & Expand Is Our DNA

All of Conduit Digital’s analysts are taught to identify areas of growth. We constantly analyze the competition, the current campaign, and the opportunity in the market to highlight areas in which your client can dominate the competition. We don’t believe in putting our hands in our client’s pocket; we believe in helping your client seize their opportunity!

Drive Leads & Drive ROI

Conduit Digital averaged a conversion every 45 seconds for our clients during the last calendar year. Pay Per Click advertising is proven to be one of the best bottom-of-the-funnel lead generation tools. We work diligently to make sure your advertisers’ money is being maximized towards impactful and tangible results!

A Paid Search team of passionate Analysts utilizing Premium Platforms. PPC digital marketing works best for your clients when you are constantly adjusting bid pricing and budget management. At Conduit Digital, we use Google Search Ads 360 for all our PPC campaigns. By using this industry-leading tool, our PPC specialists can manage your campaign using real-time data to ensure that your campaign is always performing at an optimal level.

Testing, testing, and more testing… Nothing beats PPC when it comes to conversions. At Conduit, we don’t believe in just driving traffic to a website. Instead, we use web analytics tools in addition to A/B testing software to ensure that your traffic’s website behavior is being tracked and tested with the goal of always trying to increase conversions.

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Paid Search Snapshot


Only pay for leads when utilizing a local service ads campaign with your white label PPC campaign.

Retarget users that were previous customers of your client’s business by uploading email addresses directly into the PPC ad platforms.

Conduit Digital analyzes and optimizes the full conversion funnel to ensure that potential customers are tracked from the first click to the final conversion.

At Conduit Digital, we link your client’s GMB to their ad campaign, allowing the client to run ads in the local three-pack as well as at the top of Google.

Conduit Digital has the ability to retarget users who have previously visited your client’s website.

Helpful Tidbits

PPC marketing is the best digital product for driving conversions. If you are looking to drive more leads for your clients’ business then look no further than Conduit Digital’s PPC services. Our campaign combined with the Conduit Live Report will allow you to easily track your exact return on advertising spend.

PPC is not recommended to be used as a brand awareness product since our campaigns focus solely on driving the most conversions possible.

Your digital marketing experts at Conduit will handle the creation of your PPC ad copy. As a best practice, we recommended that your agency provide Conduit Digital with the following information:

  • Unique selling points of your client’s business.
  • Current offers or sales.
  • Verbiage to make your client’s ads local.

All PPC platforms have their own set of Advertising Policies that we must adhere to. For the specific policies, click below!

Google Ads

Bing Ads


Local Service Ads appear when a customer searches for services that your client’s business offers. With these Google Guaranteed ads, you only pay when a potential customer calls your business.

Google generated nearly 100 billion dollars in ad revenue from search ads alone in 2019. These ads are clicked on incredibly often!

Google provides campaign estimation tools that will help you gauge the search competition for your client. As a Conduit Digital Partner, you will be able to use your Conduit Coins and we will provide you with a quick quote identifying a range of PPC budgets and expectations!

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