Partner with the Team that is so passionate about OTT, we’ve spent over 600 hours downloading and manually vetting more than 1,000 OTT applications to ensure unmatched levels of quality!


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The Right Team To Manage Your OTT

OTT (also known as CTV or Connected TV) is the fastest growing digital advertising product at Conduit Digital! Since launching our white label OTT offering in 2017, our team has been able to establish comprehensive best practices to become one of the premier OTT Advertising teams in the country. Every OTT Campaign your Agency runs with us will benefit from the extensive optimizations and insights we’ve implemented over the last four years!

We don’t need to tell you that 100,000,000 commercials is a lot of commercials! Our experience means your client’s campaigns are going to be built on best practices refined over years of experience and hundreds of millions of commercials delivered.

Flexibility is key for diverse clientele! Does your client want to deliver to a specific application? Are they more focused on maximizing targeting regardless of content? You determine the campaign goals and we provide you the tools to set clear expectations aligned with your client’s goals!

Quality Control is what we live by! It takes a lot of work to gain your clients’ trust. We feel it is our duty to ensure that your clients’ trust is rewarded with the highest quality inventory we can deliver to your selected budgets!

See Your Ad On The Big Screen! The agency world is split on how to define OTT. At Conduit, we use the IAB definition and will only deliver your ads to the TV screen! That means we only show your ads in the place where most people are actively engaged and interested!

Next Level Quality Control

Our team has:

  • Manually downloaded more than 1,000 OTT applications
  • White-Listed/Black-Listed applications based on experience
  • Viewed the ad-experience on these devices

In a new space like OTT, there are always going to be people looking to game the system. Our team has put in the work to protect your agency and your clients from these people. You’re paying good money for your commercials and you don’t want that money wasted delivering it to an application designed for pets or to be played while the user is sleeping!

Benefits Of OTT?

Over-The-Top TV use is rapidly growing and there are now more than 195 million users who watch ad-based OTT programming. These ads are streamed directly to the biggest screen in the house and have a completed view rate higher than 95% on average!

One commercial, multiple viewers! According to a Nielsen study, at least 45% of users co-view their OTT content. Co-viewing is so prevalent that they recommend counting every commercial as 1.2 commercials (don’t worry, at Conduit Digital you will only be charged for the true impression).

Your Ad deserves the best screen in the house! The typical 60″ Smart TV has more than 100 times the screen size of your typical mobile device. Who wouldn’t want their commercial to be 100 times bigger?!?! Harness the power of the large screen with Over The Top TV Advertising from Conduit Digital!

Leave broadcast & cable behind! Tired of paying top dollar for a service with limited targeting options like traditional TV advertising? OTT Advertising with Conduit Digital increases the targeting of your TV ads while keeping the value of the TV screen, at a fraction of the cost!

Conduit Programmatic Video platforms

OTT Snapshot


Retarget users who have visited your website to increase likelihood of conversions

Target specific audience types based on emails they receive (event, product, travel, etc.) as purchase confirmations

Retarget people who receive emails from specific website due to subscription or newsletter sign-up

Target customers who have (or have not) been near one or more specified locations, a given number of times, within a period of time

Target users who search for relevant keywords or phrases

Reach your target audience through specific demographics and/or interest targeting

Helpful Tidbits

An OTT device (ex: Roku or FireTV) is the hardware that you utilize to view your OTT content. These will either connect to the TV, or be the TV itself for Smart TVs.

An OTT application (ex: Hulu or PlutoTV) is the application selected from the device to play content.

Over The Top TV Advertising is rapidly growing, but still new. This means while targeting is highly recommended, in many cases it should not be as granular as, for example, a display campaign.

High resolution .mp4 files lasting 15, 30, or 60 seconds are your best bet for a great OTT results!

COPPA Compliance: Cannot target children under the age of 13.

HIPAA Compliance: Cannot target users with medically sensitive conditions (i.e. cancers, drug addictions, etc.)

Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Zero tolerance policy regarding this.


We believe the power of OTT comes from the big screen and we utilize the IAB definition for OTT which is 100% on the big screen!

Absolutely! OTT inventory is skyrocketing with its user-base growing rapidly.

Great question! Completed View Rate is always a good metric to measure results, but OTT is evolving to include site and physical attribution reporting just like other digital products!

Your OTT report will be as detailed and interactive as your other reports. If you're getting a static report for OTT, reach out to Conduit to schedule a demo of our OTT reporting!

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