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The easiest way to create your popup is to choose one from among the templates and customize it to your needs. However, you can also start completely from scratch.

Once you’ve made your choice, there are two ways you can integrate the MemberPress login form:

First, you can use the shortcode for the login page via the Elementor Shortcode widget.

Second, you can input the MemberPress Login widget from inside Elementor (find it under WordPress or via search).

Again, using Elementor directly, you’ll have limited styling options, so you’ll need to use the custom CSS settings. Once you’re satisfied, click Publish. There’s no need to set conditions, triggers or rules.

Now, you’ll want to make sure the popup shows up on your page. The simplest way to accomplish this is to edit your header template to include a Login button.

Once you’ve done so, access its settings, find Link, choose Dynamic and then Action > Popup. Next, click the wrench symbol, choose Open Popup and find the popup you just created by name at the bottom.

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