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Savvy bloggers think a lot about visuals for their blogs!

Because they know that an effective content marketing strategy needs more than just ‘blocks of well-written text.’

And the influence an image has on website traffic, shares, and search engine ranking is undeniable.

In fact, around 91% of internet users claim to prefer image-based content instead of a blog that lacks visuals – and most probably replicates a term paper.

However, users are often left scratching their heads when they actually have to find free images for WordPress and add them to their web page.

Yes, many sites offer free images for use in personal and commercial projects. And thanks to the contribution from thousands of talented photographers, they are available in every niche imaginable!

But are these images safe to use? Or is there any hidden potentiality of a lawsuit that most users are unaware of? And which free stock photo sites stand out from the rest?

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