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Here in this article, we are showcasing the amazing WordPress notification plugins for you. Hope you like the collection.


The plugin creates multiple, rotatable TopBars that will be shown at the top of your website.

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Top Bar

The plugin lets you add a topbar to your website. Create a notification bar in no-time and show a message and a button to your visitors.

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MailChimp Top Bar

The plugin lets you add a MailChimp opt-in form in a top bar to your WordPress site.

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Storefront Top Bar

The plugin adds two widgets areas on top of the header of Storefront.

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WP Notification Bar

The plugin show notifications to relevant users instantly to increase conversions, promote a blog post or, a new product.

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Peanut Butter Bar (smooth version)

The plugin allows you to attach sticky bars to the roof of your site that stays visible no matter how far a user scrolls.

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Responsive Notification Bar

The plugin is a lightweight responsive and well designed plugin which you can use in your site to display some message, with a call to action button to interact with visitor.

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WPFront Notification Bar

The plugin lets you create a bar on top or bottom to display a notification.

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WordPress Easy Sticky Notification Bar

The plugin adds an elegant, responsive and clean sticky notification bar on the top of your WordPress site by using the Easy Sticky Notification Bar plugin.

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