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No doubt about it.

WordPress is considered to be among the best blog sites out there.

Every day, thousands of individuals, hobbyists, and business owners make the decision to join millions of websites served by WordPress.

And thanks to the platform’s free and straightforward CMS, almost everyone can create an impressive-looking website, regardless of their technical knowledge level.

But the hurdle comes when they face the decision of choosing a hosting provider.

If you do a quick search, you will notice that there are a lot of free hosting services – and as a human impulse, we think that why pay for a service when you are getting one for free?

Yes, a free service is a good option for those who are just testing the waters and are (not yet) ready to invest in a premium WordPress hosting provider. The free services will get your site up and running on the World Wide Web – without any time limit and offer scalability options as well.

However, it is a good idea to remember that with every free hosting ‘ you get what you pay for!’ These services are incomparable with the flexibility, performance, and support options of a paid WordPress host, and you may want to consider migrating to a premium service as you grow your business or blog. 

Meanwhile,  free WordPress hosting is a viable option to get your website in front of an audience, without any financial obligation.

In this post, we have put together our in-depth review of the 12 best options for free WordPress hosting.

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