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The Spanish meetup groups continued to collaborate throughout April with six local meetups, all held online.

Here are some highlights from the Spanish community:

The Madrid meetup hosted a workshop about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation on Elementor websites. This was followed by breakout sessions, for discussions and networking, with local leader Santiago Alonso.

At the Zaragoza meetup, attendees learned how to create one-pagers with the Hello theme and Elementor Pro.
Local leader, Merche Salas, also demonstrated the usefulness of the navigator tool and how to create sections from scratch, and include such things as dynamic tags, etc.
She also shared a few tricks for good practices in design.

Rafa Gallego, Seville Meetup group:

“100 friends joined us to learn how to build an ecommerce website using Elementor and WooCommerce. I presented an introduction to WooCommerce, exploring all the widgets used with WooCommerce, as well as some useful tips for newcomers.
We also had some funny moments as the meetup was held during the ‘Feria de Sevilla’ (the Seville Fair held in April) celebrations. We had some virtual (and typical) food and drink during the event :)”

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