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What Medium did here is sheer genius. Their About page is built to look exactly like their publication pages.

With regards to their copy, the hero text, “Welcome to Medium, where words matter” states their brand core value, followed by a description that elaborates further. Similar to dribbble, Medium’s About page showcases real articles (instead of artwork, like on dribbble’s site) written by real Medium users.

If there’s such a thing as the best way to demonstrate your user experience, Medium has nailed it.

Next off, the way Medium illustrates their brand values (after they’ve made it clear that their entire product is built around their community of readers and writers) is a creative masterpiece.

Medium explains who their brand personas are, and who their persona is not. Usually, the first image we have in our head when thinking of online media sites is the overdose of ads that surround the articles themselves. Medium is the exact opposite: No ads. They use a counterbalance effect to illustrate their ‘no ads’ policy to the user.

‘We’re not advertisers, we’re people, we’re about quality, not quantity…’. There’s absolutely no way to leave this About page being confused or unsure of what Medium’s brand is all about.

And ironically, their UI reminds us so much of an old-fashioned, standard newspaper, yet newspapers are also always full of ads. Who doesn’t like a bit of irony to make things interesting?

It goes without saying that Medium has aced the art of white space. Yet at the same time, their brand story is so rich and present everywhere on their site, no matter what content you encounter.

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