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The smart suggestions automatically detect errors within your content, especially concerning focus keyword usage. As you correct these errors, the keywords and the score at the top right of the menu area will light up, turning yellow, then green as you get closer to optimal SEO.

There are four sections: Basic SEO, Additional, Title Readability, and Content Readability.

The first section is, as it says, the basics that you’ll definitely want to focus on. These are all about distributing your focus keyword throughout the page. Make sure everything is lit up green to get the best SEO boost.

Additional targets smaller, but still impactful, areas of improvement such as including your focus keyword in more places, sufficient internal and external linking, and getting your URL to an ideal length.

The final two sections cover those final touch-ups on your title and content. It suggests including strong, emotional power words in your title to attract more attention, and ensuring that your content uses readable paragraphs and breaks it up with images or videos.

If you ever get confused about any of the suggestions, just click the question mark symbol next to each to see a helpful description.

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