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We built Experts in a way that makes it easier to rate the skills and expertise of each professional.

When you upload a project to your portfolio, you are asked to mark the skills involved in the project.

Your collective skills are calculated by a unique algorithm into what we call ‘the skill circle’.

Each profile’s skill circle consists of 3 scores: marketing, design and development. All three scores add up to 100% of the experts’ abilities.

Each expert gets his or her own unique skill circle. When you browse through the experts, you can instantly assess each expert, and understand their specialty.

But wait, there’s more.

After you search for the expert you need, you are able to narrow the results, using six filters:

  • Expertise: marketing, design and development
  • Services: SEO, integration, plugins and so on
  • Skills: Elementor skills, WordPress skills and general skills
  • Price Range: You can make sure to find professionals who fit your budget
  • Location
  • And Language

As we deploy ‘Experts’ in Beta, for free to all our Pro plans, it’s important to note premium support is not available at this point. Support will be provided on a best effort basis. Feel free to use our handy docs, FAQs and tutorials as well as to the content moderation guidelines.

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