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You can improve your site’s SEO by addressing Semantic HTML5.

Specially-named containers can help search engines identify how our pages are arranged, according to SearchEngineLand.

Until now, you were limited to setting these HTML tags to Sections. I’m referring to tags like header, footer, main and so on. This made it hard to assign one HTML tag across a whole area, since most areas were made up of several sections.

From now on, you can set HTML tags per theme part. Assign your entire header with the `<header>` tag, your entire content area with the `<main>` tag and your footer with `<footer>` tag. You can use these settings to add any other tag that is in our options (aside, nav and so on)

By assigning a relevant HTML tag for each theme element, you improve accessibility and HTML semantics, as well as improve your on-page SEO.

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