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The main question is: ‘Who controls WordPress? Who is WordPress for, and who benefits from it?’. I completely understand that this is not a 1 or 0 answer and that there are many, many, many gray areas here. For many years, the entire community, a beautiful community that WordPress managed to gather around its users, actually believed or was tricked into believing, that it controlled WordPress, that it built WordPress, the entire community, through marketing, through translations, through code contributing and so on. And then Gutenberg came, that, I don’t know, shed the spotlight, that it didn’t work like that mainly Automattic and a few large agencies controlled how things work in a meaningful way.

I get it that you can contribute a translation here and there, but these side contributions and with a small impact in the overall direction, but when mainly all Automattic ones, something gets done, like WordPress, like Gutenberg and Core, no matter what. No matter if half of the community has a different opinion, no, it gets done. So that raised many, many alarm bells for me.

So, about two years going back, that some trust has been betrayed in this relationship, that this is an open project, that anyone has a say, that you can contribute, however small or large, you are welcome to do that. But, when it comes to actually set up some rules, some governance like the WP governance project, the truth tends to come out and make it quite clear that there’s a BDFL there that will draw the lines.”

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