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Joe A Simpson Jr, our local meetup leader, shares why he started the Santa Clarita Valley meetup: “Hosting our very first Elementor Santa Clarita Meetup was an exciting experience. Proving a local place where our WordPress Community can learn and share our knowledge about Elementor (instead of driving 40 mins down to the LA area meant a lot to me. We hold the event at a really nice coffee shop near a busy intersection.

At the office, we are in the process of restructuring our entire web presence and we need a flexible design tool for our established brand so I was interested personally in becoming more advanced by testing Elementor’s features.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly our group is growing and the energy and excitement attendees expressed with being able to help their clients but building something cool. I provided lots of resources from the Elementor YouTube Channel, led topic-based discussions, and moderated a show and tell that helped attendees with their questions.

Very excited to see what March and April bring. My challenge is to rebuild an existing site in 2 hours with Elementor and the Hello theme or buy the group a coffee!”

Lee Levy, a member of the local meetup group, sharing how the meetup helps her professional goals: “I’m very excited that this meetup was started. I’m fairly new to Elementor, and I see amazing potential. I’ve been designing web sites for 15 years and I have been through many interfaces, from HTML to Frontpage, to WordPress and different Web Builders. I have already built a few small sites with it, and I’m loving how the ideas, suggestions, and sharing sessions are working out.

It’s very important when people come together and gain learning experience from each other. Looking forward to many more! “

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