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In our first article, CEO Tyson Quick introduced the Full-Service solution with Postclick detailing how it’s the next evolution in advertising personalization and maximizing conversion rates.

Today we talk to Steve Brancale, Head of Sales, about the onboarding process, why it’s most applicable for brands with large advertising budgets, and how to request more information.

How is Full-Service different than the Instapage Enterprise plan?

SB: It’s an entirely separate offering. The Enterprise plan is a great self-service solution for advertisers who are looking to lift conversion rates through ad-to-page personalization across a relatively modest ad-spend, typically $10k/mo to $30k/mo. At that level of spend, they likely have the internal resources to effectively use Instapage on their own to achieve a strong level of ad-to-page relevancy.

With the Enterprise offering, Instapage provides Customer Success Managers and prioritized support. Yet, it’s the customers themselves who create their own strategy and processes and ultimately building, personalizing, and optimizing the post-click pages themselves.

Postclick is unique in the sense that it’s a tech-enabled managed service where customers outsource the ad-to-page personalization strategy and page production to our experts. We have a two-step process:

  1. We first run a detailed audit and assessment on customers’ digital ad campaigns, identifying the biggest opportunities for them to drive more conversions and revenue through ad-to-page personalization.
  2. Then, we execute the production and optimization of personalized post-click experiences for the customer’s high-value campaigns, applying personalization profiling and conversion-centric design on every experience.

Why is Full-Service necessary for brands with large advertising budgets?

SB: Postclick customers typically spend significant budget on digital (mostly Google Ads and Facebook Ads) and have a high volume of campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads.

At this level, creating and optimizing personalized experiences for every audience segment becomes very challenging to do without a dedicated team of experts and a robust, well-tested process in place. Most advertisers don’t have those resources internally, so that’s where our new Full-Service offering comes into play.

What assurances do brands have their conversion rates will increase with Postclick?

SB: Most marketers understand that achieving stronger relevancy from their ad-click to the post-click experiences will naturally deliver higher conversion rates and a better experience for their visitors. It’s their lack of bandwidth, strategy, and process that holds them back.

Instapage/Postclick has been the leader in advertising conversions since 2012 and our level of conversion intelligence is unparallelled so customers can rest assured that they will see a significant lift in conversion rates and drop in CPA:

What is the approval and onboarding process?

SB: The sales process for Postclick is straightforward. For any interested prospects, we’ll schedule a brief introductory call to learn about each other and determine if the prospect is a good fit for a partnership. At this time, Postclick can only support a select few customers, so we need to ensure that each one has a strong use-case fit and consistent ad campaigns where the team is confident we’ll be able to deliver strong results.

If we’ve identified a strong potential partner, next, we’ll walk the team and their marketing executives through an overview presentation of the Full-Service Solution. From there, the prospect grants access to their Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts so our team can run their audit of ad campaigns and identify where post-click personalization needs to be applied.

Finally, we’ll walk the prospect through our detailed assessment and proposal for how we should work together. Assuming that is well-received, we sign the paperwork and get to work!

What else should brands know about Postclick and Full-Service?

SB: Every advertiser would love to increase the return on their ad campaigns. Most end up just buying more and more traffic that gets pushed through a very leaky-funnel, which makes for massive inefficiencies.

Partner with Postclick and we’ll ensure that the post-click stage in your funnel becomes completely optimized so you attain the strongest return on ad-spend possible while making your internal team more productive and efficient.

How to get more information

Contact the Full-Service team at the link here.



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