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The more elements we add to products, the more complex the products become. Minimalism is a natural reaction to a trend of increasing complexity in digital products. Minimalism helps improve the efficiency of communicating information, on the web and in mobile apps, by focussing on creating a high signal-to-noise ratio.

The signal-to-noise ratio represents the relationship of relevant to irrelevant information. The information could be anything — text sections, visuals, and animation. Anything that the user has to process could be either a signal or noise. Applied correctly, minimalism can help us create highly-focused user journeys, for visitors to know where to look and what to do at every step on the way.

Minimalism brought a few additional benefits to digital design, such as:

  • Good aesthetics. Well-designed minimalist products have a modern progressive look.
  • Faster-loading times. Minimalist websites and apps feature fewer objects, and thus, load faster.
  • Better compatibility between screen sizes. No need to conduct a dramatic redesign to adapt a layout to different screen sizes.

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