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And so what she did was very simply say to the team, not let’s grow our followers on Twitter, not let’s have an editorial strategy meeting. What she said to them was, let’s show the world how fun and relevant we are, and immediately that type of goal, which I have a name for, I’ll reveal it in a second, but that type of goal setting with your team, it focuses you on the behavior change that your people need to achieve something great, not a number, not an outcome, not something you measure. The actual goal was, let’s show the world how fun and relevant we are.

Now, maybe a measure of the goal is follower growth or traffic to the blog. Those are measures of the goal. They’re not the goal themselves. The goal itself was showing the world how fun and relevant they are. Okay. So let’s not call that a goal. Let’s call that an aspirational anchor. It’s this aspirational statement for you and or your team that forces you to insert who you are into the work. You imbue everything you do with who you are as a person and whether you’re a freelancer with no budget and no name or a giant brand, what ends up happening is that forces you to differentiate because you don’t exist in any other scenario.

So just by you bringing your full self to the work and finding ways to do so, you will be different in a way that some other people deeply love. And so that’s the power of an aspirational anchor. It basically combines two different things about your unique situation, some kind of intent that you have for the future. So for like Lisa and her team, it was let’s be part of the conversation and then some kind of hunger that you have. So some dissatisfaction with your current status quo, that could be about your industry, it could be about you and your team and your behavior.

So for Lisa, the hunger was, our voice is too bland. We’re too boring and predictable in our digital marketing. So the outcome of that combination, let’s be part of the conversation, but we’re too boring. So let’s show the world how fun and relevant we are. And today, Merriam Webster’s dictionary is one of the most beloved brands on social media. They’re hysterical. They’re viral. People can’t get enough of their … they’re a dictionary.

Nobody can ever say, ‘My business is too boring or I don’t have the budget’. Because they don’t have a marketing budget and they are a dictionary. They’re collection of words that is the same exact collection as every competitor. Nothing seems more boring than that yet they’ve found a way to differentiate and it comes back to the people.

At Merriam Webster they do something called emoji threads where they basically take similar sounding words and they use an emoji to describe how they’re each different. So when you say all three words sounds exactly the same, there’s three different versions of the word peak. There’s was like P-E-A-K, P-E-E-K, P-I-Q-U-E. And they would put a little emoji next to each and define it. So like that’s a little bit of personality, but they would do bigger things too.

Like they came out a couple of years ago and they declared that the hot dog is a sandwich. They said, here’s the definition of a sandwich. This is what a hot dog is. So we’re declaring today the hot dog is a sandwich. And like people lost their minds, especially in America. It’s like that’s such a part of the holidays that we have here, several holidays, very big. You go outside, you cook and grill and hot dogs are a big part of that. Playing baseball for example. So people have passionate opinions on hot dogs.”

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