The DevTeam Alpha News Aggregation service has sourced the following article originally published on Elementor:

We can choose to import the RSS feed content, the item’s full content, the description, and even the image and URL of the original item.

To do the original source justice, you probably shouldn’t import the full content, but instead, settle for the description and the URL of the source.

You can also choose to import the featured image from the original source. Alternatively, you could try this cool trick, and in the image field, enter the following line:

This URL will return a random image from Unsplash. Of course, you can step in and manually edit each imported post later on, just to get it to look exactly like you want it. After all, they are standard WordPress posts.

When you’re done here, click on Save & Activate. You’ll be taken to the main listing of your content imports.

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