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The first step most small digital businesses, freelancers or agencies is email marketing. For example, sending their blog posts, activities, and events. When is the tipping point where we should also think about more sophisticated automation, that ActiveCampaign allows?

“From day one, honestly. The automation capabilities basically give you superpowers. The ability to take in a core business process and to begin automating it, it’s like having an extra employee without the desk, right? You can start to do things you’ve never been able to do, and or provide time to do things you’re more equipped and more capable of doing. You can use automation to augment what might be the mundane task that you have within your role or your job. I would start to think about that from the beginning, of how can you use automation to get your time back, to use it more effectively in other areas of your business.”

Can you give an example of this sort of starting point?

“For sure. Yeah. One of the easiest ones and one of the ones people pretty quickly recognize, say you run an ecommerce business, and someone is on your website and they put an item in the cart but don’t end up actually purchasing it or checking out, they abandoned the basket so to speak. Abandoned cart, email automation is a really big one, right? To say, Shay was interested in this pair of shoes, he put them in the cart but never actually made the purchase. Let’s email him and give him a coupon to get him to come back, to entice him to actually come back and make that purchase. That’s an easy one when you think about ecommerce, but you can do that across the board for anything.

So Elementor for example, could build automation to say, someone subscribes to our newsletter and we notice that they’re blogging, or excuse me, browsing certain categories of our blog. Maybe we should reach out to them and ask them if they have questions around how to create specific landing pages, or how to create a specific call-to-action, because that seems to be where their interest is. Likewise, if that same person then visits your pricing page, you might be able to say that they’re a more qualified buyer than those who aren’t. Right? Like they’re expressing some level of interest or actions and moving through your funnel. You can use automation to help to show and expose that, so then you can actually build a human connection or relationship from that too. So I think you can find the right ways to blend the automation and human touch around it. But those would be like two quick examples.”

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