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WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 is out now, and a plugin, WordPress Beta Tester, is available for you to give it a spin!

To try the new features the next CMS will bring, I would recommend that you set it up on a testing site or on localhost because beta versions aren’t the most stable releases and are for testing purposes only.

You can always report loopholes and bugs if you find any in the current development cycle of WordPress while testing out the new features.

Gutenberg Merger

The contributors are also going to merge all the Twelve releases of the Gutenberg plugins, from Gutenberg 5.4 to the latest release of Gutenberg 6.5, into the WordPress 5.3 core, which means the block editor will be loaded with many new exciting features.

As for WordPress 5.3 itself, the Beta 1 plugin offers various new features, so let’s take a look at them all.

New Features in WordPress 5.3

1. A New Default Theme: Twenty Twenty

There’s a new default theme “Twenty Twenty” in WordPress 5.3.
It includes full support for the block editor and provides users the freedom to design and structure their websites as they want.

2. Admin Interface Enhancement

WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 also brings numerous enhancements in the interface segment and you will find many new interactive enhancements and changes in the wp-admin interface. There are improved styles, improved designs, improved buttons, better zoom management, and much more.

Here are the highlighted changes:

  • Big Images:
    Now you can resume the uploads if it fails and you can even upload larger default image sizes and high-resolution pictures.
  • Automatic Image Rotation:
    Now your images are correctly rotated during the upload depending on its EXIF rotations.
    This feature was first proposed nine years ago. Never give up on your dreams to see your fixes land in WordPress! ”  release coordinator Francesca Marano said in the 5.3 Beta 1 announcements.
  • Admin Email Verification:
    WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 brings a new feature where you will be asked to verify your account in order to reduce the chances of getting locked out if you change your email address.
  • Site Health Checks:
    WordPress now offers a native site health checker which makes it easier to identify and understand the issues with the website.

3. New Block APIs in WordPress 5.3

There’s not only enhancement in the block editors, but WordPress 5.3 comes with new block APIs for developers. It also has a new feature for PHP lovers through which they can easily manage to register and unregister the block styles through 2 different functions: register_block_style and unregister_block_style.

4. Date/Time Component Improvements

WordPress 5.3 has improved its date/time component by introducing new API functions and developers can better manage their dates and timezones in the new version.

WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 includes exciting new features and we can expect even better features in Beta 2 that will be released on 30th Sept 2019. The software is still in the development phase, so the main purpose it’ll serve for you is to test its features and help improve the final version of WordPress 5.3.

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