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Now this is the most important factor of all. You should have an initial plan and idea in mind of what you want to see in your website design and how to carry out your website hosting.

The idea could be an inspiration you have taken from any other website. It may also be something you would like your visitors to experience. If not, then you need not worry.

The websites have built-in themes and ideas that can help you decide the final design and outlook of the website.

If this is your first experience with website building, go for a website that has a drag and drop option, so you can click and try on the themes.

If you have previous experience of having a website developed, then this would seem a whole lot easier. Before choosing your website builder, consider the factors mentioned below

1. Your flexibility greatly matters here. If you have high flexibility, then look for a website with various theme options. This will allow you to adjust the diversity you want to see in the website.

2. The website builder also depends on the type of business you are going to display on the website. If it is just to show the services and other details, like for a software house, then it is not an issue.

3. However, if your business is about an ecommerce store that sells products, the website builder should enable options like adding items to cart, wish list and check out process.

4. You should look for a website that will easily redirect your customers to the checkout section. Hence to sum up, it should have good template styles for an ecommerce store.

5. The website builder you choose should give an option of making your website mobile friendly and gadget friendly to be precise.

6. We all know how everyone wants to search things right away on their phones rather than laptops. No one will appreciate it if your website does not compresses or resize according on the phone screen.

7. The website builder should include a free plan, enabling you to test the features and decide if a paid plan would be suitable for your needs.

8. You should not only be able to register new domain names, but also connect an already registered domain name with the website builder.

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